A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


It's time for the lucky rabbits to take some action against the powerful casino lords! 
You've made a pact with someone mysterious that granted you this weapon!
Unload your infinite magazine against the guards, but watch out.... one of the 13 bullets is faulty!  


Move- WASD keys
Shoot-  L key

Project Details:

Lucky Lapin is a 48h jam game  made by a team of 6 for the Invictus Game Jam ' 24.

All the gameplay and game scripts, audio & assets were made by the our team. This game was developed in Unity engine and includes and external packages such as: CinemachineNew Input SystemTextMeshProTimelineDOT Tween. For the visuals the Universal Pipeline Shader Graph (URP) and VFX Graph packages were used.

Meet the team:

  • Guilherme Gama - Lead Programmer & Technical Artist
  • Ines Silva -  Lead UI/UX Developer
  • André Sacramento - Lead Level Designer & Dev Ops programmer
  • Mario Travassos - Lead Dev Ops programmer & gameplay programmer
  • Bruno Mascarenhas - Lead Sound Designer & Composer
  • Dário Pinto - Lead 3D Artist

External Fonts:

  • UIs Font -Pixelated Pusab (DaFont)


LuckyLapin.zip 97 MB
LuckyLapin_Windows.zip 98 MB

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